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Myersville elementary School.  Present home of Church of the Saviour (COS)

...equipping the saints for the work of ministry...


COS logo. Church of the Saviour, Town of Myersville, Frederick County, MarylandCHURCH OF THE SAVIOUR - OUR HISTORY

The Church of the Saviour at Myersville, Maryland, began in 1992 as a Small Group Bible Study dedicated to the study of the Doctrine of the Church.  Over the next eighteen months, several couples from two local congregations read and discussed the Biblical record of the church of Jesus Christ; its origins, our Lords’s purpose for it, the Holy Spirit’s
 infusion into it and empowerment of it, and its early history, polity and function.

Many in our group had a sense that the local church had  in many cases moved away from its simple mission; to equip the saints of Jesus Christ for the work of His ministry on earth during the time between  His ascension and His promised return.  Centuries of denominational dogma and the religious traditions of man had, it seemed to us, diluted and diffused our Lord’s vital mission for His church.  Our study encouraged us toward establishing a local church built “on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ Himself being the chief cornerstone (Ephesians 2:20), focused exclusively on the ministry of the Word of God for the purpose of disciple-making-apart from any denominational ties.

Duke Jeffries was called to be pastor of this little flock, which would call itself the Church of the Saviour.  An acting Board of Elders- Paul Becker, Otto Berg, David Unruh and Pastor Duke – was established, and they selected as the C.O.S. motto the charge from Ephesians 4:12: “equipping the saints for the work of the ministry.”  The church first met for worship and preaching on July 3, 1994, in the home of Bob and Mary Cooperman near Middletown, Maryland.  On July 24 the church began meeting at the Myersville School, and weekly Sunday School was added on October 2.  During these months a group of men designated as the Foundations Committee completed twelve weeks in prayerful study of the Scriptures in order  to establish the C.O.S. Statement of Faith, which would become the heart of the C.O.S. Constitution, affirmed and signed by forty-seven Charter members on October 20, 1994.  The Ordinance of Communion was first ministered on November 11, and the Ordinance of Believer’s Baptism was first ministered in the backyard swimming pool of Dr. ad Mrs. Robert Hughes in  Buckeystown – on September 10, 1995.  Todd Watkins was called as Youth Pastor on October 20, 1996.

On August 2, 2000, the C.O.S. Deacons purchased a six acre parcel of land on U.S. Route 40, just outside Myersville.  The property was formally dedicated on October 29, 2000.  As God allows and according to his timing and leading, a church building will be erected on that site.

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