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Myersville elementary School.  Present home of Church of the Saviour (COS)

...equipping the saints for the work of ministry...


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Duke Jeffries  

You are very welcome to our website!  I'm so glad you found us!

I wonder who is visiting and why?

     If you are a member of the COS family, I trust you'll be able to find your way around the site and to gather the information you are seeking.  If you have any trouble, please contact the ol' Webmaster, whose e-mail address appears at the very bottom of the Home Page.

      If you are not a member of our church family --  if indeed you've never even heard of "the Church of the Saviour at Myersville , Maryland " – please allow me to introduce ourselves to you.

     Our church motto is "...equipping the saints for the work of the ministry..."  At COS we believe that the primary work of the local church is not to pay a "professional Christian" to do all of the "work of the ministry," but rather to use the Word of God to transform believers into disciples and to equip those disciples to participate in the work of the ministry.  It makes sense, then, that our teaching pastor is part time (he draws a part-time salary and is, in his "other life," a Montgomery County school teacher ) and that it is made necessary by design  that other disciples – the ones seated in the chairs on Sunday mornings --  participate in the ministerial work of the church – teaching, evangelism & outreach, missionary support, prayer, visitation, leadership, service, etc.  So COS is not ruled by a pastor; COS is governed by an Elder Board (of which the teaching pastor is a member, holding only his vote) and a Deacon Board.  And the stewardship of the "work of the ministry" of this church is assigned to twelve Ministry Teams (or "committees," if you prefer) each of which has elder or deacon oversight but is chaired and operated by congregational members. 

     So, if you're looking for a church where you can serve, you've found it! 
We would love to welcome you into
the COS family!Welcome Table at Myersville Elementery School.  Genevieve and Company  welcome you.

     And, speaking of "family," here's what we do well at COS :

 1  -  We preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and we use the whole Bible to do so.  No frills, no politics, no weird theology; just the Good News about Jesus, about the Kingdom of God , about God's desire that we live life to its fullest - all the way up to the level of "abundance"  We don't care which "version"of the Bible you bring (our pastor uses ALL of them!)  when you visit us, and we don't care whether you wear shorts or jeans or a three-piece suit, a formal dress or workout clothes (you might see ALL of these on a given Sunday!).

 2  -  We love each other.  We pray a lot for each other.  We write a lot of cards, we make a lot of phone calls, we drop by for a visit, and we help each other out whenever the need arises. We take our Lord's "Great Commandment" to love God and each other without reservation very seriously at COS .

 3  -  We like to hang out.  Our Small Group Fellowships are focused Bible studies, but they also feature good food and lively conversations  about what is being studied.

           After the COS Book Club members read each of the four or five books*  selected for group reading each year, they get together to eat, to share their opinions, and to "think Christianly" about the book.

          Sunday evenings during the summer months, the COS Videophiles watch a great film, but they also eat, share their opinions about the film, and "think Christianly" about it.

          The "Socials for Six" fellowship (usually two three-event sets) provide opportunities to get together with church folk you might not otherwise know so well to plan three informal get-togethers over a two- or three-month span, get-togethers which invariably include good food and conversation.

         So, yes, we like to "hang out" at COS – and hanging out, it would seem, always includes eating and conversation – from friendly chit-chat to serious "mind renewal," all of it fueled by hospitality and good food.   Anything in your life sound like that?

    4 -  One of the very best ways to really get to know another person is to work longside him or her on a Ministry Team, doing some "work of the ministry" shoulder-to-shoulder, meeting needs together, expanding the boundaries of the Kingdom of God together, getting tired together, being refreshed together.

We provide opportunities for everyone at COS to participate in the ministries of our church.  Our secret goal is to reach the point when our church family members tell others not that they attend COS, but that they serve there

 5 -  We do missions well at COS , too.  While we're talking about Ministry Teams, we must acknowledge our excellent Missions Committee, which stands as a Ministry Team model for others to emulate.  This team oversees the financial and communications support of a dozen local, national and international missions; plans and facilitates a semi-annual Missions Conference every other year; has members serving on the boards of and/or performing volunteer service at several local missions; and has helped to send some team members to far-off missions fields for short-term service.  

At COS we put our money where our mouth is:  our church designates a generous portion of its annual budget to the work of missions.

You know, if you aren't attending church anywhere these days, you really should check us out for a few weeks.  Check out the rest of the web site, too.   Then come visit us Sunday.  This Sunday.  Why not?  9:30 to 12:00.  The Myersville School  



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